Entrevista – Hablamos con Enrique Paños, cofundador de Crema Games, sobre el desarrollo de Temtem


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First of all, how would you describe Temtem? In which ways can you compare it with Pokémon and what are the main differences with Game Freak’s franchise?

We define it as a multiplayer monster-collecting game, heavily inspire in Pokémon. It looks like Pokémon in that you catch creatures, evolve them and battle against others. And all of that is driven by a main story.

There are more differences than it looks like. Including the MMO aspect is a big differentiating feature, a big jump. And aside from the obvious differences, like a whole new story and the original characters and creatures, there are changes in gameplay.

We have removed all random factors in battle (evasion, accuracy, critical hits, effect rate for status conditions) in order to give a more skill-based touch and make it closer to a competitive scenario. This implies a greatly-changed battle system. Removing all these aspects suppose changing the whole system so it’s balanced, and, at the same time, you can have a variety of strategies.

There is co-op play and on-line play, so both players can actively participate and battle. We have added a pick-ban system for ranked battles, so it adds a more strategic layer to battles.

As I’m answering these questions, we are closer to the “Clubs” stretch goal in Kickstarter (Note: it has already been reached). It’s our approach for guilds. Aside from the dojos in the story, there will be dojos controlled by clans, and they must be defended or conquered.

Other aspects include housing in a common neighbourhood for all players, where you can modify your house and visit other players’.

Finally, there are small changes here and there, like modifying the breeding system, reducing the number of types and adding some new ones (like digital or crystal).


You have received very good reviews for Immortal Redneck. What have you learned from that game that you can apply in this new project?

We have learned so many things along the process. Not only have they improved our work flow, but the most important one, that we have learned and we want to apply in this project, is listening to the community before releasing the product. We made some mistakes in Immortal Redneck due to that, and we are facing this project with other approach.


How and when does the idea for Temtem come out? And why that name?

The idea comes out, on one hand, from the necessity or constant demand from players of having an MMO Pokémon game. On the other hand, it is a very attractive project. Everyone in the office have grown up playing Pokémon and we are delighted of showing our own vision of something similar. About the name, it has a meaning, but it’s a secret for now.


The project is a success in Kickstarter. Did you expected such a quick and overwhelming reaction from players when you decided to start the crowdfunding?

We expected a good reaction. In the end, we knew that players wanted something like this. But we didn’t expect such success. A lot of people don’t trust Kickstarter right now because of so many failed projects, so we expected it to affect us in a bad way.


Temtem’s universe is on-line. Can you complete the game off-line? Is it a MMORPG just like World of Warcraft, or will the servers have a more reduced limit in the number of players?

The game is 100% on-line. You can complete the story without interacting with anyone, but you must be connected. About the servers, we will divide them in “rooms” so there won’t be too many people in some areas, but you won’t have to choose the server. The system will choose every time you connect.


How does progression work? Is the story relevant, or will it be at the second level so the players focuses on battling?

The story has a lot of relevance. For this project, we have the help from Víctor Ojuel since the pre-production of the game in order to create a good story for the whole universe. The progression will be like Pokémon’s.


Does the map have loading screen when travelling to other isle or entering a building? Is the whole world accessible from the beginning, or areas will be unlocked like with Pokémon’s badges?

The game is still in production, so it’s soon to comment on how the loading screens will be. About accessing the world, you will unlock areas as you progress.


What are the differences between playing alone and with friends? Is the game designed to be played in co-op from the beginning or is it a secondary function?

The main difference is that you will have to coordinate. In co-op mode, you don’t control all moves, just half of them. Half of the team will be yours and the other half will be your friend’s. The game is designed and balanced for 2 vs 2 battles instead of 1 vs 1, so you could say that we thought of the possibility of co-op play from the beginning.


Will content be added eventually by updates or events?

If the game is successful, we will add content, but it’s soon to talk about that.


How does housing work? Can we visit anyone’s house or only our friends’? Are the physically placed in one of the isles just like Animal Crossing, or is it an element apart from the world?

You can visit any house, and yes, they are physically placed in one of the isles. There is a neighbourhood in an isle where all houses will be found.


Explain us a bit more about Temtems. How do their genetics and breeding work? Can we fuse different types of Temtem? How many evolutions can there be for each one of the creatures?

About genetics, every Temtem has a “sterility counter” when you catch it. Every time it breeds, this counter goes down one point and, when it reaches 0, that Temtem is sterile. Of course, you can keep battling with it, but it won’t have any more offsprings. You can breed with other Temtem as long as their genetic line matches. About evolutions, that isn’t decided yet.


How do you see indie development in Nintendo Switch? Is it easy to move a game like Temtem from PC to the hybrid console? What technical limitations do you think you will find and to what extent can they suppose a problem for the player?

The development in Nintendo Switch is hard because of the technical limitations of the console when compared with other platforms, but sales for indie games are usually better in the eShop than in the other platforms.

About what we will find, we expect complications and extra optimization work to deliver the best quality possible to the final player.


A key question at the present time, will there be any kind of loot? Chests, boxes, microtransations in general? If yes, will they be cosmetic elements, or will they affect gameplay?

It is soon to decide that, but I can say that, if there were any, they won’t be P2W (pay-to-win).


Are there any plans for releasing Temtem in physical format?

Right now, we are focused in other things, so we haven’t started it. But if it’s feasible and there is demand, it’s possible.


Looking at the future, do you think Temtem can be a wake-up call for Game Freak? Where do you see the game some years in the future?

I think Game Freak follows other path for Pokémon and I don’t think it will be a wake-up call. I don’t see Temtem as competence. I think the two games can coexist at the same time and players can play both franchises. However, maybe Game Freak likes one of the ideas that we implement. Who knows?

About where we see the game in the future… well, in stores.


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